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                            Read our award-winning Graded Readers.
                            Buy our Graded Readers collections for less than half price.

                            Teach and learn English

                            With enhanced e?books from Oxford


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                            Free samples

                            Try sample Oxford University Press e‑books any time you want, for free. Thousands of English language teachers, learners and institutions trust Oxford’s leading e‑book platform.


                            Buy books

                            There are hundreds of Oxford English Language Teaching e‑books to choose from. Buy course books for all ages and levels, effective Professional Development and Grammar. Our award‑winning Graded Readers range includes stories, non‑fiction and biographies.


                            Download the app to your tablet or computer

                            Use e-books and Classroom Presentation Tools offline. Save your work in the cloud so that you can access it across different devices.


                            Oxford Learner’s Bookshelf for schools

                            Make sure everyone is ready on the first day of school.

                            Whether you have one class or a whole school, you can quickly create classes and assign e?books or classroom presentation tools to your students and teachers.

                            You’ll find the new tools under My account.


                            What does Oxford Learner’s Bookshelf offer?


                            Classroom Presentation Tools for heads up learning

                            Keep your students engaged with activities, video, audio, pictures and games.

                            You can use your Classroom Presentation Tool offline to prepare your lessons anywhere and access your synced notes in your classroom.


                            See your students' reading progress

                            Your students can email you their reading progress showing which books they have read, their CEFR levels, the number of words, and for how long.


                            Listen, record & improve speaking

                            All the audio for your course is included. Repeat, record and slow down spoken English to practise pronunciation and tone of voice.


                            A world‑famous dictionary

                            Look up Oxford Learner’s Dictionary definitions with pronunciation guidance, at the right level for you.


                            Reading Diary

                            Specially designed for our Graded Readers, students can track how many words they have read, for how long and collect awards. They can share their Reading Diary with their teacher, parents or friends.

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